LTE Underground Wireless Networks

LTE Wireless Communications and the Underground Mining Industry

The clear majority of underground mines in operation today make use of traditional two-way LMR based radios systems with leaky feeders to address their voice communication needs and wireless data communication typically relies on Wi-Fi based networks. One solution which is emerging as clear winner to achieve the goals of increasing safety, efficiency and productivity of the underground mines’ operation is based on the cellular LTE network technology.

In Canada, Ambra Solutions and Ecotel has emerged as the only MNO dedicated to serving the industrial market with Private LTE Networks. LTE networks deployed for our mining customers open up a new suite of capabilities and possibilities to cost effectively enable many Smart Mining related tasks for open pits or undergrounds mines. These specialized tasks and applications, which are difficult or simply impossible to achieve across the entire mining coverage area when using legacy LMR and/or WIFI based technologies, include, to name just a few:

The technologies behind LTE make it one of the most spectrum efficient wireless data networking solution in the marketplace today and allow the achievement of extremely high data throughputs for a given spectrum bandwidth.

Together, Ambra Solutions and Ecotel enable industrial companies to leverage the capabilities provided by a mobile private LTE network.