Engineering / Design / Measurement

Telecommunication, Radio communication and networking

Our senior team is specialized in designing and engineering medium, large and very large network projects. Ambra has the expertise to take care of your project from A to Z. As we are vendor agnostic, we can identify which technology is more suitable for our customers. Ambra can manage any part of your project from RF studies, site survey, project management, technologies analysis, network infrastructure to structural engineering, custom integration and manufacturing to support your network and operation. We also provide advanced IP services for critical IP networks requiring high level of security and reliability.

Hardware and electronic engineering

Ambra’s Electronic design team has many years of experience in designing for automotive and industrial devices operating in harsh environments. Our expertise allow us to build high end and reliable products to support your network and its specialized equipment. We build various type of electronic devices from cables, PoE injectors and GPS to DC switching modules. Our goal is to design and build robust devices for harsh environments.

Engineering process

The process is the way to control quality! This is the way we work. In a world of complex technologies, where physics rule, we have to rely on something that will control our design quality. Our engineering process was built with this purpose. We use our own ISO-like process to allow our engineers and designers to make proper assessments on their new born designs. This process ensures that our projects are transparent, controlled, documented, on time and fully tested before commissioning and/or released for production.

Solutions Ambra Process

Environmental and RF measurement

Solutions Ambra Site Survey

Since its beginning, Ambra’s engineers have developed an outstanding expertise in test and measurements of communication systems. Our team is qualified to perform a large variety of automotive, industrial, IP and RF verification, test and measurements of various systems.

Ambra has access to a large variety of test facilities including: Environmental and cold chambers, vibration and mechanical choc test fixtures, RF Anechoic chambers, ESD test labs, Automotive Electric transient simulators, and portable high end RF test sets. We have qualified technicians and engineers that can perform detailed RF site surveys, and generate complete survey reports.