Agnico Eagle Project


The first private underground LTE network in North America by Ambra Solutions!

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TROIS-RIVIÈRES, QC, March 21, 2018 - Ambra Solutions has just signed a unique project in North America: the installation of a high-performance private 4G LTE network in the heart of LaRonde in Abitibi, the deepest mine in the Americas, and Agnico Eagle’s flagship mine.

A pioneer in the mining industry, Agnico Eagle was looking to integrate digital technologies into its infrastructure to optimize its communications and operations. The complexity and uniqueness of the project represented a major challenge for the company. The depth of the mine, the density of the soil, the length and configuration of the tunnels are all constraints on the completion of the project.

Only an innovative and carefully thought-out solution would ensure the project’s success, and the mining company succeeded thanks to Ambra Solutions.

No other company in North America had yet carried out such a major project, especially in an underground mine. A unique solution was therefore tested: the deployment of a private underground LTE network. Through a network of cables and antennae, it uses the tunnels to propagate the waves, somewhat like an ear canal.

For nearly a year and a half, the team tested the system to maximize its efficiency. The results speak for themselves.

“Designing innovative solutions for projects such as LaRonde is part of our DNA. We had the technology and the expertise to get there, but we were looking for a trusted partner to clear the ground with us. That partner was Agnico Eagle. Together, we showed people in the industry who doubted it was possible by proving that it is achievable and highly cost effective.”

Éric L’Heureux, President of Ambra Solutions

This private network, which has been in operation officially since February 2018, enables the company to optimize all of its activities. Real-time communication throughout the mine, geo-tracking of workers, increased health and safety, immediate data collection on equipment: the benefits on operations will be exponential on all fronts.

“In our search for a wireless solution for our mine, Ambra has proven to be an effective partner for the implementation of our LTE system. They have extensive knowledge of all types of wireless communication and understand the needs of the mining world. People who work with passion have made this project a success!”

Sylvain Bernier, operational technology, Agnico Eagle

The life span of the LaRonde mining complex is expected to last until 2025. However, because of this private network greatly improving the efficiency of the operations, the facilities could remain economically viable beyond this date thanks to the discovery and exploitation potential of deposits deeper in the mine.

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