“We are very excited to receive this patent for the leading-edge tracking system we worked so hard on and are proud to have successfully deployed in several mines who are thrilled by the improve their efficiency and safety of their operations through this technology.”
Éric L’Heureux, Founder and CEO of Ambra Solutions.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has officially approved the patent (patent number 3151848) for Ambra Solutions’ iPS marking a great milestone, not only for the company, but for the whole mining industry. Connecting and visualizing a mine in real time to enable a complete oversight of the mine’s operations and conditions in the blink of an eye – That’s what defines smart mining.

In the heart of even the most remote open-pit or underground mines, Ambra creates and deploys a robust and reliable private LTE/5G network tailored to each mine’s needs, intricately woven to ensure seamless communication. Within this network, discreet yet powerful Ambra beacons are strategically positioned, emitting unique identifiers locally and empowered by the network to relay crucial data to nearby communication devices. Complementing this infrastructure is a cutting-edge tracking controller seamlessly integrated into the network, mapping each beacon’s identifier to its precise spatial coordinates in real-time. And beyond tracking, this solution boasts integration capabilities, allowing the integration of data from other systems, integration with third party technologies (VOD, other location equipment vendor, etc), auto-creation of unsurveyed or drawn maps, high accuracy positioning in real time and review travel history. Intercepting the beacon identifier transmitted via the radio frequency network by the communication device and leveraging the tracking data repository to match the received identifier with its corresponding spatial coordinates, the data culminates at the control center where it is analyzed and aggregated to be visualized on an accurate 3D interface in real-time, facilitating near-instantaneous critical decision-making.

With this innovative patented solution, pinpointing the exact location of any communication device within the remote environment becomes seamless and efficient, making mines not only optimally performant, but most of all, ensuring the safety of its workers.

“This unique patent allows us to provide a reliable underground tracking system powered by the same 4G/5G cable used for communication. In addition to eliminate maintenance, this solution allows mining companies to reduce battery powered beacons and avoid disposing batteries on a regular basis.”
Éric L’Heureux, Founder and CEO of Ambra Solutions.

Ambra isn’t solely driven by innovation; it is propelled by intelligence. We exert every effort to transform what is obsolete and create what doesn’t yet exist to enhance our industry – our world. There is always a better way, and we are committed to relentlessly pursuing it.

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