Telecommunication and Radiocommunication Network

Our team is specialized in the design and engineering of network projects. No matter the size of your project, Ambra Solutions has the skills and expertise to carry out part or all of your project. Since we are not tied to any one vendor, we look for the right technology to meet our clients’ needs. We offer a wide range of expertise from radio frequency survey, site analysis, project management, technology analysis, to network infrastructure and structural engineering. We offer custom integration and manufacturing of specific equipment for network and operations support. In addition, we supply advanced IP services for mission-critical IP networks that require a high level of security and reliability.

Electronic Hardware and Engineering

Ambra Solutions has many years of experience in designing devices for industrial vehicles operating in harsh environments. Ambra Solutions’ electronics design team has expertise in developing and producing reliable, advanced devices to support the network and related specialized equipment. We produce a wide range of electronic devices such as cables, PoE injectors and GPS DC communication modules. We are committed to designing and manufacturing robust and innovative products that will remain in operation regardless of the harsh conditions to which they will be exposed.

Engineering Process

Our engineering team carefully follows an engineering process that respects high ISO quality standards. The purpose of this process is to ensure that our engineers and designers can properly evaluate their new designs. Through this process, our projects are transparent, controlled, documented, timely and fully tested before being commissioned or entering production. This allows us to offer a guarantee of impeccable quality! In a technologically complex world ruled by the laws of physics, we must be able to rely on something that controls the quality of our work.

Environmental measurements and radio frequencies

From the beginning, Ambra Solutions’ engineers have acquired an exceptional expertise in the field of communication systems measurement testing. Our team is qualified to perform a wide variety of verification and measurement tests for different systems, whether it is for radio frequency (RF), Internet Protocol (IP), automotive or industrial applications. Ambra Solutions has a vast array of test facilities including environmental chambers, vibration and mechanical shock testers, anechoic RF chambers, electrostatic discharge (ESD) test labs, automotive transient test systems and high-end portable RF test equipment. Our highly skilled technicians and engineers can perform detailed RF tests directly on-site and provide complete reports.