Intelligent Positioning System (iPS)

A recurring issue with the majority of industrial networks, even 4G and 5G, is the reliability of the connectivity. Very few businesses can provide a turnkey solution while also overseeing all the creation and deployment process. Ambra Solutions’ goal was to have extensive control over the hardware and the software, inherently giving Ambra and the client complete autonomy and full governance over the network, its components, and its data, therefore overcoming the aforementioned connectivity issues. This solution directly addresses the potential connectivity problems mentioned above. While reducing the costs of the overall solution, minimizing the need for outsourcing greatly increases the networks reliability by allowing almost immediate troubleshooting and access to the solution and the knowledge.


  • Patented solution (Patent approved by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office in 2024 – patent number 3151848);
  • Real-time geolocation of people and equipment;
  • Detailed, scaled 3D mapping of the connected environment enabling visualization of the status of all connected devices in the blink of an eye;
  • and much more.

The Solution

The Solution


  • Real-time geopositioning of vehicles, equipment and workers in any connected above-ground or underground environment;
  • Alert management;
  • 3D interface designed to geoposition assets at the surface and underground.

Fleet control and monitoring

  • Vehicle fleet monitoring from CAN network;
  • Remote diagnostic using telemetry;
  • Predictive maintenance.

Network control and monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring and control of network health and status;
  • Remote diagnostic;
  • Operations optimization;
  • Time for decision-making in emergency situations drastically reduced.