Public LTE

The public LTE projects involve the installation of new fiber optic backbones as well as new LTE wireless networks that will allow residents of many remote communities to have high-speed fixed and mobile Internet access through the latest technology available on the market. Most of the residents serviced by the projects do not currently have access to high-speed technology or LTE service.

LTE Haute-Mauricie Project

As well as offering a new fixed Internet service to local residents, LTE equipment will allow the use of LTE cell phones, increasing the security of users moving around the Haute-Mauricie region. Many fiber optic cables will be installed along the existing roads while new communication towers will be installed in the regions concerned by the project. The new infrastructures will be designed to handle a significant number of residents and partners in the community. The project involves burying over 400 km of fiber optic cable to ensure reliable service to local residents in La Tuque, Chambord and Parent. This project will prevent disruptions in service such as those that have occurred several times in the La Tuque area in recent years.