Turnkey Communication Solutions for Industries

Ambra’s private 4G/5G solutions enable mission-critical communications, above ground, underground, indoors, wherever you need it. We deliver end-to-end projects, from telecom engineering, infrastructure deployment, to rugged devices, all specifically designed to face mining and industrial challenges.

Ambra Guides You Along the Path to 5G

5G technology is poised to transform the industry. All our solutions include technology that is fully 5G enabled to take your operations to the next level.

Private 4G/5G Networks for Smart Mining

Benefits of Private LTE Solutions

Keep your workers, your assets, your equipment in constant communication. Take advantage of underground geolocation to avoid collisions, relay the emergency message and control access to hazardous areas. Using real-time data, improve decision making and increase the efficiency of your staff while making their work environment safer.

Enable remote control of your mobile equipment to minimize downtime and reduce the cost of your operations. Automate your process with an extensive IoT network offering real-time telemetry and enhanced quality control. Improve flexibility in daily operations and increase productivity with automatic dispatches and ubiquitous communication.

Consolidate all your voice and data communications onto a single network based on an open standard. Get the flexibility to adapt the architecture to your needs by using a vendor-neutral ecosystem of 4G/5G devices and applications.

Build a dedicated, highly reliable, on-premise network to monitor and control your critical applications. Determine who connects to your network, which traffic to prioritize, how resources are used and customize latency. Take full control of your performance and sensitive data with guaranteed coverage and capacity.

A Dedicated Solution for Your Industry

Underground & open-pit mines

Private 4G/5G
solutions for mines

  • Enable process automation and remote-controlled operation
  • Locate personnel and assets in real time
  • Deploy along with production and reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase mobility, safety and efficiency

Ports & transport

Private 4G/5G solutions for transport hubs

  • Track the container’s journey and reduce the risk of cargo loss
  • Monitor humidity, temperature and load with IoT sensors
  • Tele-operate cranes and automate freight handling
  • Optimize large-scale commercial operations

Energy & facilities

Private 4G/5G solutions for utilities and facilities

  • Automate processes with massive IoT and M2M communications
  • Enable real-time environmental monitoring for highly reliable quality control
  • Support flexible and reliable monitoring of your critical assets and keep sensitive data on the site

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