LTE Technology
goes underground

Ambra Solutions is proud to announce that the best performing technology is now available for the market of underground mine. LTE Advanced is the world’s fastest and most advanced wireless technology and Ambra Solutions is the only canadian MNO who is now deploying private LTE network in underground mine, thus addressing the important challenges related to the specific requirements of communications in mines.

This highly secured private LTE cellular networks provides Data & Voice mobility services using low frequency which allows a better propagation than any other technology. Operate with highly sensitive licenced bands, the proposed solutions can received a signal in an exceptional way to offer a high-speed and long-range coverage.  In addition to all these advantages, the LTE technology does not require actives components in the tunnels. 

Optimization of the communication, increasing security, reducing operation costs, be at the forefront by opting for the best available technology.

LTE Underground Networks

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