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For each product, you will find a .pdf file with detailed descriptions and specifications. For your convenience, this documentation can also be downloaded.


Solutions Ambra IP GPS

This POE based IP-GPS receiver is designed for rough and harsh environments. Its innovative design allow multiplexing the NMEA0183 streams to multiples applications simultaneously using the IP protocol. The concurrent GNSS and GLONASS built-in GPS receiver provides an outstanding sensitivity and a very good precision.

Details and Specifications


Solutions Ambra PoE Ethernet

This module provides power to passive PoE Ethernet equipment and transforms non-PoE capable devices into 802.3at/af compliant equipment. Its monolithic design ensure reliability and roughness to meet the worst automotive and industrial requirements.

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Solutions Ambra USB GPS

NMEA0183 heavy duty GPS receiver. This unit come with a 20 feet heavy duty cable compatible to a wide range of temperatures (-40°C to +80°C) able to handle harsh environments such as motor compartments or mining truck handrails. Its Urethane compound provide protection against dust and vibration.

Details and Specifications


Solutions Ambra Electronic Design

As most of our clients operate in harsh environments, Ambra’s electronic designer has developed skills in rugged design and rock solid electronic circuit development. Our Automotive and heavy industrial background is a guarantee of reliability and roughness. Every project sticks to the customer's requirements, industry standards and state of the art of electronic design. Our development team rigorously follow a tight development process that ensures transparent, controlled, documented, on time and fully tested products. We will be proud to work with you on a solution, that would surely meet your highest requirements. Let our team build your Product Proposal.


Solutions Ambra Squid Rajant Cable

Our custom interconnection cables provide a heavy duty connectivity. The reliable and sealed connectors are available for multiples products and can be customized for specific needs. The interconnection cables are designed to be used in cold and harsh environments.


Solutions Ambra Antenna Bracket

Ambra designs, manufactures, installs and commissions specialized antenna brackets for fixed sites. Our highly qualified engineering team has the experience to understand the needs and technical requirements of our client specific RF installations. We can offer antenna support systems for various type of installations such as: point to point dishes, sectors antenna clusters and omnidirectional antenna systems. All our designs are CSA S37 compliant and can be adapted to any type of structure (steel tower, wood pole, roof top, wall mount, self-supporting structure, etc.).


Solutions Ambra Antenna Bracket

We design and manufacture custom mobile antenna brackets for various type of mobile environments. We are specialized in harsh environments where reliability is a requirement. Our mobile antenna brackets are installed on multiple type of machinery from mining equipment to light trucks, cars and ATV's. We can customize our bracket size to accommodate multiple antennas or other equipment. Our brackets are designed to fasten on tubular structures such as handrails or held in place with a strong magnetic system. Our mechanical design team is ready for any challenge.