Ambra Solutions and Keranna : Supporting the next generation of technology

This year, Ambra Solutions announced to students from Keranna’s High School involved in the after-school robotics program that the company will donate $2,000 per year to the program for 5 years, for a total of $10,000 in financial support to help young geniuses accomplish their technological challenges.

An involving but highly motivating program
Keranna’s robotics program involves students from Secondary 2 to Secondary 5 who wish to get involved outside school hours. Teenagers enjoy the support of motivated teachers and mentors who take time out of their personal schedules to share their passion and knowledge, enabling students to learn programming, welding, electronics, mechanics and many other innovative skills, enabling them to build and operate a complex, remote-controlled robot equipped with several combat devices. All these features enable the youngsters to take part in national and even international robotics competitions, in which Trois-Rivières residents have the chance to take on robots from young scientists from all over North America and beyond.

Solutions Ambra et Keranna
Éric L’Heureux, founder of the telecommunications engineering company, is himself an enthusiast and scholar of electronics and robotics, and was immediately drawn to such a program when he learned of its existence. And when he told his team about it, it was only natural to contribute to the next generation of technology in the region where the company’s head office has decided to set up shop. Over and above the sums of money donated and promised, Ambra and his team also wanted to contribute to the students’ knowledge. So, on Friday April 19, they welcomed the 30 students and teachers in the program for an entire afternoon, during which the group was divided into 3 immersive and informative stations. Among the topics covered, the apprentices were introduced to underground geolocation, how fiber optics work, the design of electronic components integrated into connected devices, and much more. This activity was as enriching for the students who took part in the workshops as it was for the adults who taught them.

“It’s very rare that we get the chance to rub shoulders with technology enthusiasts of this age, and it was fascinating to see how much technical knowledge they had already acquired. We were all impressed by the questions they asked. It was very motivating to welcome these bright-eyed students, who will certainly make a significant contribution to shaping tomorrow’s technology.” – Éric L’Heureux, president and founder of Ambra Solutions.

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