Our products

iPS (Intelligent Positioning System)

A patented solution developed by Ambra Solutions to enhance worker safety and optimize customer operations. The iPS interface enables geolocation of workers, vehicles and other connected equipment in real time, as well as monitoring the health and status of the network and operations at a glance via 3D mapping of the customer's environment. In addition to reducing the response time required in the event of an emergency, this system makes it possible to analyze recurring data and take preventive action to avoid problematic situations altogether.

LTE Rugged Modem

The Ambra Solutions E02153 LTE rugged modem is a feature-rich wireless device. It will be able to meet the highest requirements of Ethernet connectivity over LTE. It provides data bandwidth for demanding data usage solutions, as well as integrating other features, such as multiple I/O, CAN bus, ignition input, BLE and GPS. These features make this modem one of the most functional and versatile devices on the market, making it compatible with Ambra Solutions’ exclusive iPS monitoring solution for fleet and asset geolocation.

Light modem

Le Light modem iPS d’Ambra Solutions fait partie de la technologie de suivi et de contrôle LTE appelée iPS. Le Light Modem est un dispositif IOT compatible CATM1 capable de surveiller les véhicules et les équipements déployés sur le terrain. Il peut monitorer et interagir via le bus CAN, RS485, 4-20mA ou GPIOs via la connexion LTE. Grâce à son application mobile intuitive, il est facile à configurer et à utiliser. Le Light Modem interagit également avec le système iPS en rapportant des paquets BLE de GeoBeacon et en envoyant des informations au noyau iPS, ce qui vous permet de suivre la localisation et la condition de votre équipement.

Suitcase LTE Camera

This suitcase includes a PTZ dome camera with a high-resolution-1080p 60 HD sensor and a 12x optical zoom that allows operators to monitor wide scenes without losing any details. The camera’s aesthetic design and flexible mounting options allow unobtrusive surveillance of large rooms, reception areas or waiting areas that would otherwise require multiple cameras for effective surveillance. In addition, the pan and tilt preset repeatability are accurate to ±01 degrees to ensure that the correct scene is captured every time.

Sealed Adaptative POE

This module powers passive Ethernet PoE equipment and transforms non-PoE capable devices into 802.3at/af compliant equipment. Its monolithic design ensures reliability and ruggedness to meet the most demanding automotive and industrial requirements. The Deutsch connector allows easy bundle integration. Critical devices can be powered using multiple simultaneous power inputs.

Universal Antenna

This multiband omnidirectional antenna is certified for both high performance and low PIM. Its in-building coverage meets the need for propagation in tunnels and underground galleries. Its mount has been designed to facilitate installations in underground mines and is assembled to the antenna in a unique way that allows waterproofing and moisture removal in case of condensation.