Telecommunication and radiocommunication network

Our team is specialized in the design and engineering of network projects. Whether the size of your project is medium or very large, Ambra Solutions has the expertise to carry it out, whether in part or in full. As we are not linked exclusively to a supplier, we seek the most suitable technology and perfectly match the needs of our customers. Our mandate can span several areas of expertise: radio frequency study, site analysis, project management, technology analysis, up to network infrastructure and structural engineering.

We offer custom integration and manufacturing of specific equipment to support the network and operations. We also provide advanced IP services for critical IP networks that require a high level of security and reliability.

Ambra Solutions Materiel

Electronic hardware and engineering

With many years of experience in the design of devices for industrial vehicles operating in hostile environments to its credit, Ambra Solutions’ electronic design team has the expertise to create and produce reliable advanced devices that can support your network. and related specialized equipment. We build many types of electronic devices such as cables, PoE injectors and GPS DC switching modules. Our goal is to design innovative and robust products that will remain functional no matter what environment they are exposed to.

Engineering process

We judiciously follow an ISO engineering process so that our engineers and designers can properly assess their new designs. Thanks to this process, our projects are transparent, controlled, documented, punctual and fully tested before being put into service and /or sent to production. This process allows us to offer a guarantee of irreproachable quality! In a world of complex technologies where the laws of physics reign, we must be able to trust something that controls the quality of our work. Our engineering process was designed for this purpose.

Environmental measurements and radio frequencies

Since its inception, Ambra Solutions engineers have developed extraordinary expertise in the testing and measurement of communication systems. Our team has the skills to perform a wide variety of verification, testing, and measurement for different systems, whether it’s radio frequency (RF), internet protocol (IP), or automotive or industrial applications.

Ambra solutions has access to a wide variety of testing facilities including environmental cold rooms, vibration and mechanical shock control devices, anechoic RF chambers, electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing laboratories, automotive transient test system and high-end portable RF testing equipment. Our trained technicians and engineers can perform detailed RF studies directly on site and generate comprehensive reports.

Ambra Solutions Laboratoire